JupyterCon 2023

Let the right one in: Custom Authentication in JupyterHub
05-10, 10:30–11:25 (Europe/Paris), Room 1

JupyterHub provides a customizable authentication system for managing user access, but its default authentication methods may not always be suitable for all organizations. This talk will discuss the capabilities of JupyterHub for custom authentication, and will provide examples and best practices for customizing the user environment based on Identity providers (IdPs) and attributes hosted with them. The talk will dive into managing custom authentication with JupyterHub and using various IdPs to integrate JH into larger organizations.

If you'd like to follow along during the talk, bring a laptop with git, docker and docker-compose installed and clone the repository from https://gitlab.com/adamatics/let-the-right-one-in

Highlights of the talk:

  • A brief introduction to the JupyterHub authentication module
  • Integrating AD/LDAP and Oauth2 with JupyterHub
  • Benefits of SSO authentication in JupyterHub, including improved security and user experience
  • Best practices for customizing the spawning of the user environment based on the authentication process

Steen is a partner, co-founder, and engineer at ADAMATICS, a data-analytics company that specializes in providing insightful and actionable data solutions to businesses.

With a background in computer science and engineering, Steen has played an integral role in the development and implementation of the company's innovative data-analytics platform, AdaLab.

Through his work, Steen remains committed to the company's mission of leveraging data to help businesses make informed decisions and looks forward to continuing to innovate in the ever-evolving field of data analytics.

Join Steen in exploring the dark corners of authentication in JupyterHub in his talk