JupyterCon 2023

Lightning talks

  • 05-10, 17:55–18:40, Gaston Berger
  • 05-11, 17:45–18:30, Gaston Berger
  • 05-12, 16:30–17:15, Gaston Berger

All times in Europe/Paris

You did not had a chance to present, or had an idea during JupyterCon, here is your chance to have a 4 minutes presentation about it.

You may register during the day for the lightning talks.
At the entrance level of the conference you will find a number of index cards, a box, and pens.

  • Write clearly the title of the proposal and your name.
  • Put in int the box.

The proposal / talk does not need to be polished, it does not need to be an existing project, nor be your project.
It does not have to be about programming. It can be about waffle, or it can be about shoes. You are allowed to not have slides. It is recommended to make puns.

You have 4 (FOUR) minutes max.

At the end of the day we'll select talks at random.

Please sit near the front if you have submitted a talk.

proposals = {...}
while still_time():
    on_stage = waiting_area
    proposal = random.pick(proposals). 
    waiting_area = proposal