JupyterCon 2023

Elyra an AI development workspace based on Jupyter Notebooks
05-11, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Paris), Gaston Berger

Do you love Jupyter Notebooks, but are getting tired of the Wild Wild West of external tools and devOps tasks that consumes a lot of your time away from model development? In this talk, we will introduce you to Elyra, an open-source AI development workspace that enables data scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and AI developers to be more productive. It provides support for low code/no code AI Pipelines integrated with Apache Airflow and Kubeflow runtimes, integrated Python, Scala, and R editors, collaboration support via git integration, code reusability via code snippets, etc all without having to leave your Notebook workspace. After a quick introduction to Elyra's capabilities, we will dive into a live demo, showcasing how to build and execute a data pipeline in a few minutes.

Luciano Resende is an AI Platform Architect at Apple AI/ML organization and a Jupyter Distinguished Contributor. Luciano's expertise is in open source, and enterprise-grade AI platform technologies with about 20 years of experience successfully designing, building, and delivering complex software in fortune 500 companies and open source. He has a strong background in open source big data platforms such as Apache Spark, and data science building blocks such as the Jupyter Notebook Stack, Elyra and Apache Toree Scala kernel.