JupyterCon 2023

Bridging the gap between climate data and policy makers: The CLIMAAX project example
05-11, 16:10–16:20 (Europe/Paris), Poster Placeholder

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Citizens in every inhabited place on the planet are increasingly experiencing dramatic consequences of a changing climate. Also within Europe the adaptation gap between the multi-hazard climate risk and the risk management capability is growing. The EU project CLIMAAX (CLIMAte risk and vulnerability Assessment framework and toolboX) addresses this by providing financial, analytical and practical support to climate risk assessment community, allowing an improvement of regional climate and emergency risk management plans. The CLIMAAX Operational Toolbox will consist of existing and improved tools for data access, manipulation, processing, modelling and dissemination. The four main elements of the toolbox will be:
1) A wiki to serve as user guide with full description of the tools involved;
2) Jupyter notebook templates and examples of the workflows of case studies;
3) Access points to the models, data needed and tools for data manipulation and visualisation for the Climate Risk Assessment;
4) Access to computational and storage resources.
Jupyter ecosystem will be the heart of the CLIMAAX toolbox with Jupyter lab enabled for users and Jupyter books for wiki, documentation and templates.
The project will start in January 2023 and in this poster we will share first design and implementation of the toolbox.

Meteorologist, former weather forecaster, now data analyst passionate about data visualisation and jupyter notebooks.

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