JupyterCon 2023

What's new and exciting in JupyterHub
05-12, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Paris), Gaston Berger

Learn about what's new and coming soon from members of the the JupyterHub team. First, get a bit of context about what problems JupyterHub aims to solve, and how it fits into the Jupyter ecosystem. We'll present some highlights of recent developments and exciting new plans for the JupyterHub subprojects. From JupyterHub to BinderHub and repo2docker to and Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes, we have lots of cool new things to show you, including improved collaboration support via JupyterLab's real-time collaboration and read-only access, support for newer Pythons on Binder, and useful Grafana dashboards for monitoring your deployments. Finally, we'll let you know where you can contribute to JupyterHub to help solve the problems you face.

Min is a senior research engineer at Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway, supporting open source open science and education. He is a member of the JupyterHub team and the JupyterHub team representative on the Jupyter Software Steering Council, and the original author of JupyterHub.

Min has been contributing to Jupyter projects since 2006, starting with IPython Parallel as a physics undergraduate student with Brian Granger.

Erik is a distinguished Jupyter contributor and maintainer of projects in the JupyterHub github organization, especially interested in deployments of JupyterHub in Kubernetes.