JupyterCon 2023

Security Tutorial/Discussion
05-10, 13:30–16:00 (Europe/Paris), Room 2 (Tutorial)

Are you interested in Jupyter Security around deployments ? In this tutorial we will discuss the best practices around Jupyter Security. We will setup Jupyter Hub stating with unsecure default, try to man in the middle our deployment, and slowly secure it.

While the tutorial attendance is comprised in the conference pass, we ask you to register for this tutorial on https://www.jupytercon.com/tickets as the seats available are limited.

Rick Wagner is a Principal Research Systems Integration Engineer at UCSD. Rick began his career using cyberinfrastructure as a tool for research in astrophysics, working on problems in cosmology and supersonic turbulence. His research was largely done on campus, NSF, and DOE computing resources, the same kinds of systems he later managed for SDSC. Rick took a break from UCSD to work for Globus at the University of Chicago, helping researchers with data management solutions. Now Rick is part of the Research IT team, helping to design solution for projects that cut across the campus and beyond it. He is also trying to smooth the boundary between cybersecurity and research, and was a 2021 Trusted CI Fellow.