JupyterCon 2023

Greg Michaelson

Bio: Greg Michaelson is Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Zerve, a young, stealthy startup that’s rethinking the data science development experience. Previously, Greg was an early joiner at DataRobot where he played many roles, including Chief Customer Officer. Prior to that, he worked as a data scientist in the financial sector after earning a PhD in applied statistics from the University of Alabama. In his spare time, Greg also manufactures a line of flavored breakfast cereal toppings called Cerup. He lives in Spring Creek, Nevada with his wife, four children, and two Clumber Spaniels.

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AutoML as it should have always been
Greg Michaelson

When AutoML was popularised during the 2010s, there was a great hope that the citizen data scientist would take over machine learning and that business analysts everywhere would soon be building thousands of advanced AI-based solutions, ushering in the age of AI in business. Not only did that not happen, but even the name “AutoML” has become sullied along with the myth of the citizen data scientist. In this talk, Greg will discuss the launch of a brand new open source project that promises to deliver AutoML as it should have been: open, flexible, code-based, and targeted at the only people generating value from machine learning — data science experts.

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