JupyterCon 2023

James Stix

Based within the University of Edinburgh’s centre for digital expertise, EDINA, managing the design, development and rollout of an innovative service called Noteable, based upon computational notebook platforms and capabilities for teaching and learning applications and developing the commercialisation process pipeline.
Noteable provides tailored, accessible, organised package environments for teachers and learners to fully realise the potential of digital notebook platforms for digital innovation, data analysis, machine learning, statistical modelling and more.


Leveraging Jupyter in SaaS for education with Noteable
James Stix

In this talk we will share the story of Noteable, a widely used subscription service packaging Jupyter notebooks into subject-specific packages and containers.
Noteable has been successfully delivered as a centralised service across the University of Edinburgh, and is being provided to a number of leading universities. Noteable is being used across subjects to provide access to Jupyter notebooks with Nbgrader, multiple instructors and collaboration in JupyterLab available. Noteable makes use of a number of open source libraries, extensions and packages to provide the service.
The talk will share examples of using the service across education, the provision of Noteable free of cost to Scottish school teachers, and conclude with an overview of the innovations and steps ahead for Noteable.

Jupyter in Education
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