JupyterCon 2023

Jason Grout

Jason is an open-source Jupyter developer and community leader and staff software engineer at Databricks. In Jupyter, Jason has worked on Jupyter Widgets, JupyterLab/Jupyter Notebook, and many other parts of the Jupyter ecosystem. At Databricks, he works on the Databricks Notebook platform. Previously, Jason was a software engineer at Bloomberg, taught mathematics at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and contributed to the open-source SageMath software system.


Building on Jupyter at Databricks
Jason Grout, Florian Wetschoreck

The Databricks Notebook, used by thousands of organizations worldwide, recently adopted Jupyter standards and software to power a number of features. We now execute Python code using ipykernel, support ipywidgets (including custom widgets), and have improved compatibility with the Jupyter notebook format. In this talk, we will discuss lessons we learned customizing and integrating Jupyter in our enterprise product, which has some different assumptions from the full Jupyter stack. For example, Databricks sandboxes custom Jupyter widget code with iframes for security, which complicates kernel communication. We encode Databricks-specific visualizations in exported Jupyter notebook files in a way that is compatible with other Jupyter tooling. Also, in Databricks, document state lives on the server, which changes how Jupyter kernel messages are processed.

We also offer some observations about how to help Jupyter be more flexible in enterprise contexts.

This talk is for intermediate to advanced developers/administrators wanting to customize or build on Jupyter standards or software to deploy in an enterprise context.

Enterprise Jupyter Infrastructure
Gaston Berger