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Researcher in Metocean engineering
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Notebooks to support the growth of sea-based renewal energy sector
Simon Chabot, Nicolas RAILLARD

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The french sea research institute, Ifremer, and its project parters, publicly launched the Resourcecode free software toolbox in march 2022. Resourcecode is the result of a research project that aims to support investment and growth in the wave and tidal energy sector by providing marine data and associated models and software tools, through an innovative online platform.

Logilab was tasked by Ifremer to design and implement a part of that
online platform:

  • a web application at resourcecode.ifremer.fr, developed with javascript by software developers, allows the users to use a map and various filters to search for and select the data they want to process ;

  • the processing of this data can happen online and interactively by using pre-defined tools, these tools being jupyter notebooks maintained by scientists in a GitLab Forge, hosted by the IFREMER ;

  • the processing of this data can also happen offline and is made easier by the resourcecode Python library that can download the selected data and turn it into a Pandas DataFrame.

This setup tries to get the best of both worlds by asking software developers to develop and deliver the application and offering scientists the ability to keep improving the tools and algorithms that
process the data. It also implements good software development practices, by tracking jupyter notebook code in GitLab, providing updates of the online platform thanks to the continuous integration of GitLab and generating the documentation of the tools.

In this talk Logilab will present the technical side of the project to show how the different parts were put together to the service of reproducibility and open science.

Jupyter for Research and Scientific Discoveries
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