JupyterCon 2023

Eric Charles

Eric Charles is committer for Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Server and JupyterLab. He has founded Datalayer to make it easier for data analysts and developers to build what they need on top of the Jupyter ecosystem.

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The past, present and future of the Jupyter Notebook
Eric Charles, Jeremy Tuloup, Rosio Reyes, Eric Gentry

Jupyter Notebook 7 is being developed as a replacement for users who may have been previously using Notebook 6 and want more of the features being created for JupyterLab, like real-time collaboration, debuggers, theming, and internationalization, among other benefits. To ensure that those users are equipped with some essential knowledge that will help them smoothly transition to using Notebook 7, this talk will go over some of the key details of working with the new Jupyter Notebook. We will explain how users can run multiple frontends like Notebook 7, JupyterLab and NbClassic (the long term supported version of the Notebook 6 code base) that will ease the transition of users not ready to switch to Notebook 7 as well as give users the freedom to choose between the Notebook 7 and Lab interface based on project needs. Through this talk we will also aim to provide Notebook 6 extension developers with information about the resources available to aid the transition of their extensions to both Notebook 7 and JupyterLab. Notebook users will leave this talk having a better understanding of what next steps they may want to take to get started with Notebook 7.

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