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Monday Oct. 12, 2020, 4:30 p.m.–Oct. 12, 2020, 4:45 p.m. in Jupyter in Education

From Zero to Hero: using Jupyter Notebooks to put Scientific Computing on the map at Girls’ Schools!

Chiin-Rui Tan

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Brief Summary

This talk shares actionable insights from a social tech entrepreneur's experience using Jupyter technologies to successfully advocate for Scientific Computing & Data Science education at selected secondary schools for girls in London, UK, ultimately stimulating sustainable democratisation of new state-of-the-art technical literacy for both students and educators.


In the UK Computing education for school-aged students is drastically undersupplied. However on closer inspection it becomes evident that the limited provision that does exist is predominantly focused on applications such as Physical Computing, Web Development, and Visual Computing. In this sphere Scientific Computing is unlikely to feature at all in the curriculum, and may even be invisible in status to influential decision-makers and stakeholders. For the next generation to miss out on opportunities to develop future-critical literacy is a concern, both because of likely adverse socio-economic consequences, but worse because the scarce opportunities that do exist are only accessible to very few. Without intervention unequal Scientific Computing education will only exacerbates existing inequalities further.

In this talk, suitable for all attendees with no background knowledge, a social EdTech entrepreneur will share her insights successfully using Jupyter technologies to pioneer Scientific Computing & Data Science education at various secondary schools for girls in London, UK, including resulting transformational outcomes for both students and educators. The audience will takeaway more evidence reinforcing the pivotal role Jupyter can play in evolving the Computing education landscape to democratise essential and empowering learning opportunities, for not just for schoolgirls in the UK but for young people around the world.