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Open source fundamentals

Andy R. Terrel, Abigail Cabunoc Mayes, Carol Willing, Daniel S. Katz, Erik Tollerud, Gabriela de Queiroz, Hamel Husain, Jed Brown, Malvika Sharan, Neil P. Chue Hong, Stephan Druskat, Tania Allard

Audience level:

Brief Summary

This is an initiative of the JupyterCon leadership to create what could become the reference initiation course for people to learn key ideas in open-source software.


Open development model Open source licenses: OSI licenses and adoption, citation formats Ethics and culture of open source: the value of open source in education and research, the commitments of open source participation Open-source governance and leadership: governance models, ensuring long-term sustainability, onboarding and offboarding Open communities and collaboration: working in the open, fostering collaboration, community-driven development Funding: Open funding models and funding strategies for open research and communities; fiscal sponsorship (NumFOCUS) Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness:
Toolbox: tools for version control, documentation, collaboration, distribution and publication. A selection of GitHub (including issue and PR etiquette), Docker, CI, Sphinx, Readthedocs, codespaces, Actions, nbdev Publishing and citation: Zenodo, JOSS (The Journal of Open Source Software), ROpenSci, PyOpenSci, fastpages, citation formats