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What can static analyses do for your JupyterLab project?

Mariana Meireles

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Brief Summary

Memestra is a tool that finds deprecated Python code in your project through static analyses. To be able to do that it uses gast an abstraction of the ast package compatible with all Python versions and beniget that is a collection of compile-time analyses on ast. Besides showing deprecation warning these libraries have a lot more to offer and can greatly enhance the IDE experience on JupyterLab.


In the video we walk you through the process of using Memestra on a command line interface and in a JupyterLab environment with the Memestra-PYLS plugin.

In the poster we expand on Memestra's building blocks and understand more about its functioning and potentialities, going through future plans on how to use it in conjunction with Jupyter-LSP to improve user interaction with JupyterLab, allowing users to refactor and restructure their code in a much faster and natural way. We also explore the use of recursion in Memestra and the transitivity of deprecated code.