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Effective Teaching-Learning using Jupyter and Bloom's Taxonomy

Gajendra Deshpande

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Brief Summary

Today many countries have adopted outcome based education system which focuses on achieved goals after an educational experience. The Bloom’s taxonomy one of the most widely used Outcome Based Education framework has six stages with increasing level of complexity. In this talk I will discuss how Jupyter can be used to achieve our goals of teaching and learning using Bloom’s Taxonomy.


The main objective of the proposal is to adopt Blooms Taxonomy in curriculum design, course material preparation and assessment methods using Jupyter. The talk begins with an introduction to outcome based education and Bloom's Taxonomy. The Bloom's taxonomy's six levels are divided into lower order abilities and higher order abilities. I will discuss how to use Jupyter to design curriculum, course material and assessment method to gradually upgrade student's abilities from lower order to higher order. And most importantly how Jupyter can be integrated with Moodle Learning Management System to achieve our goals of outcome based education. The key take away for educators is that they will learn how to use Bloom's Taxonomy for effective teaching. The key take away for students or general audience is that they will learn how course material and assessment methods are designed and how they can use this knowledge to excel in academics or guide others. No particular background knowledge is required , but audience can just recall their learning experience.

The following document is a good resource to understand the topic https://www.aicte-india.org/sites/default/files/ExaminationReforms.pdf