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The Jupyter Interactive Widget Ecosystem

Matt Craig, Itay Dafna, Martin Renou, Mehmet Bektas

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Brief Summary

Jupyter widgets are powerful tools for building user interfaces with graphical controls such as sliders and text boxes inside a Jupyter notebook. Interactive widgets can also be rendered in Sphinx documentation, nbviewer, and static web pages. Jupyter widgets are more than a collection of controls; they also are a framework that makes it easy to build custom GUI controls. Examples of custom widget


  1. 0:00 Widget overview:
    • Overview/introduction
    • Widget basics and summary of basic widget controls (dropdown, HTML, etc)
    • Exercises
  2. start 0:40 Widget events
    • Events: observe, link, traitlets
    • Add traitlets to a custom widget
    • Exercises
    • Interactive graphic or other visualization
  3. start 1:00 Widget styling overview
    • High level widget layout
    • High level layout exercises
    • Low level layout: Flexbox and Grid
  4. start 1:45 More widget libraries
    • bqplot
    • pythreejs
    • ipyvolume
    • ipyleaflet
  5. starts 2:30 Elaborate example of interactions with multiple widgets (bqplot, ipyleaflet, ipytree...)