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Unleashing Jupyter in Noteable notebooks

James Stix

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Brief Summary

Noteable is the only service developed and designed for use in education, primarily further and higher education. We have already developed a working LTI connection to fit in with your LMS and work closely with our users to add features that are of the most benefit. The Noteable service is a cloud-based application providing access to Jupyter notebooks online.


The first goal of the Noteable session will be to determine that there is a need for a centrally supported notebook service for teaching purposes. This can be quantified both with the number of current users as well as interested future users. The central thesis is that the Noteable service fits the needs of the user community, with key takeaways introduced including a comparison of the Noteable service with other comparable services. This criterion cannot be easily quantified and will largely be based on the feedback from the current and prospective user community. As part of this evaluation, there will be a suggestion as to whether to use Noteable or use a comparable service as the University of Edinburgh has decided that it wants to provide notebooks but also has to justify providing its own service beyond current teachers and students of the University. If there is something else that does what we need is it worth making our own version of it? The key takeaways will include a broad comparison and assessment of what notebook-hosting platforms such as a Microsoft Azure and Google CoCalc provide for users, in terms of teaching, learning and research. We request attendees to have read this documentation: https://thinking.is.ed.ac.uk/noteable/category/jupyter/ https://noteable.edina.ac.uk/ https://www.slideshare.net/JISC/an-introduction-to-jupyter-notebooks-and-the-noteable-service