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Misinformation on the COVID19 using Jupyter Notebook

Gautam Kishore Shahi

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Brief Summary

Infodemic is a term coined by World Health Organization (WHO) to explain the misinformation of virus, and it makes difficult for users to find reliable sources for any claim made on the pandemic, either on the news or social media. The talk will be focused on the analysis of misinformation in the context of Pandemic.


The talk will discuss the work on FakeCovid, which is a first multilingual cross-domain approach for analysing the propagation of fake news on the social media. We analysed the cross platform diffusion of the misinformation. Our analysis is based on the data generated from 105 countries 40 languages. Current research is limited to Twitter or YouTube, but misinformation spread all over different platform. We created a new dataset which describe the misinformation on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Wikipedia, Instagram, Pinterest.

The talk will contain a section on detection of misinformation, analysis of misinformation, visualising the propagation of misinformation on the social media, steps to control it.

The details of video and slides will be shared soon.