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How to become financially independent with interactive widgets.

David Lippert

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Brief Summary

Do you want to retire early or learn how to use interactive widgets in your jupyter notebook? We will explain how to code interactive visualizations in python using dataframes and ipywidgets to discuss the basic concepts of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). We will use retirement calculator widgets to demonstrate how to engage an audience and make learning personal.


The objective of this talk is to demonstrate how interactive widgets in a jupyter notebook can create an effective method for engaging an audience. The secondary goal is to give a high level overview of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) to share some budgeting and investing basics I wish someone told me when I first started my career. We plan to explain how to code the widgets using python dataframes and ipywidgets. Then we hope to show how the interactive nature of these widgets allows the instructor to go off script and tailor the course to the current audience. In addition, these notebooks can be shared before or after a talk such that the students can plug in their own numbers and really get a personal learning experience.


Section 1. How to code ipywidgets using dataframes? 1. import libraries 2. how to create your dataframe? 3. using df.apply lambda to populate dataframe columns 4. creating interactive widgets 5. dataframe plot basics

Section 2. FIRE Financial Independence Retire Early 1. FIRE overview 2. First steps to achieving financial independence - spending and budgeting 3. How soon can you retire? demonstrate retirement calculator widget 4. Steps to lower your spending 5. Be nice to your future self. demonstrate basic investment widget 6. Investing 101 7. Saving versus investing - demonstrate compound interest magic widget

Key Takeaways Interactive widgets are easy and engaging You can retire early if you spend less and invest more